Eric + Carlie

San Luis Obispo, CA - A Foggy Elopement

Eric and Carlie are a down to earth, easy going couple that loves hiking and backpacking trips. So when Carlie contacted me about her elopement she knew she wanted a location that would represent who they are as a couple. We went back and forth on ideas and locations until Carlie found the perfect location on top of the grade toward San Luis. She even found her own little secret spot secluded from onlookers. With views that outstretched to Morro Bay Rock, it was a gorgeous location.

Being near the coast however, the weather had other plans for Carlie's sunset elopement. As soon as she pulled up the clouds surrounded us and the wind picked up. The air was brisk and the views were gone.
The plan was still in action and the elopement was going to continue with or without the sun. It was still gorgeous nonetheless.