How I edit in Lightroom

Hey Guys! 

A while back ago I had asked on Instagram if anyone would be interested in me showing you a video on how I edit in Lightroom and received a handful of you saying you'd be into that sort of thing. So I finally got around to make a short video on how I like to edit my images. This is by no means anything ground breaking and I'm sure you all know how to use most of the techniques I do but sometimes its good to refresh ourselves right? Also I am breaking out of my comfort zone just for you guys so I hope your grateful. 

The shoot was for National Strawberry Day and here are links to all the amazing people involved:
Model: Lachlan McKenzie
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Marie
Outfits: Ambiance
Eyewear: Urban Optics SLO
Cotton Candy: Haute Sugar Co

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