Poison Ivy Shoot

I seriously love photography. No joke. 
When I was a teenager I used to watch Americas Next Top Model just because I loved the photoshoots, the funky clothes, the different styles. I never thought I would actually be a photographer and even now I'm still slowly climbing up what feels like a never ending ladder to get to where I want. It is one of the most difficult yet rewarding journeys I have taken. 

Its hard and its exhausting and it feels like I am always putting myself out there and showcasing my work which is way out of my comfort zone. I struggle with self doubt on a daily basis that I will never be as good as so and so. Or I think I have some people who want to hire me but Im never going to book enough clients to make this a career. And hey maybe not. But sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself of why I do it. I love it. 
One of my most favorite things to do is styled shoots. Creating something fun and unique to share with others. No I don't make money from them but I think its good to let out the creative energy that gets bottlenecked inside. 
My Poison Ivy shoot was so fun, not only because that sparkly green dress beckons me but because I loveeeeee those dark and moody tones. 
Florals by: Eden Floral Slo
Models: Michelle Roller and Peter Picchi