John + Staley Engagement Session

John and Staley were both in their element during our photo session at Montana De Oro. Comfortable chit-chat, holding each other and completely in love. 
The air was crisp with a warm glowing sun and an on shore breeze as we walked the trail down to the beach. The mist floating in the crisp air hit the sun just right creating a breath taking and almost magical scenery. 
After climbing up rocks and sitting in sand, this amazing couple was even willing to stand in the freezing cold water. 
I am so happy for this sweet couple and the many adventures to come.


and the smiles turn into laughs, 
and the laughs turn into kisses - 
and before you know it,
the days turn into weeks-
and weeks into months.
and you'll find yourself
forgetting what it was like
before they were in your life.

Carlee TatumComment