Dunedin, New Zealand Coastal Wedding

Cory + Laura

How we met:

Cory and I happen to be apart of the same Facebook group and he posted saying he was looking for a photographer for his wedding. I threw my website out there in the sea of names thinking it was most likely a lost cause. To be honest I was also hoping it wouldn’t work out anyways. The pressure of long distance communicating and not getting to meet in person made the idea a little too risky for my liking. Minus the fact that I hate flying and this was going to be one of the longest flights I would take.

Low and behold I get a message from Cory and thats when the panic flew in. Still having doubts that he would go through with it we talked about the idea and before I knew it he said he wanted to book me.
I told my husband that we are going to New Zealand and before I knew it we had flights booked and plans in place.

This was real.
I was going to do this.

The months turned into weeks, weeks turned into days and before I knew it my family and I were on a plane to New Zealand. A 15 hour flight and a 5 hour car ride landed us in Dunedin, NZ.

The Day Before the Wedding:
Feeling a little sick and sweaty from nerves and maybe a little jet lag I walked into Cory and Lauras’ rehearsal dinner to meet them and their family for the first time. (mind you I never called or Skyped them before my arrival so neither of us really knew each other)
They were an extremely kind and easy going couple. Their bridal party was very sweet and everyone seemed to be over joyed for Cory and Laura.

The wedding day went off with a hitch and I had such a blast getting to know and photograph them and all the moments in between. We talked about the differences between America and New Zealand. We talked about how Cory is actually extremely famous since he modeled for Khol’s and did a little skit for Disney when he was a little boy. In of which I feel I have the right to say I photographed a famous persons wedding.

All in all it was an amazing trip and Im so glad I got to meet Cory and Laura and step outside my comfort zone.

Here are a few images from their day. Enjoy!!