Allegretto Vineyard Bridal Photography

Greek Empress Collection || Paso Robles, CA
Milk and Thistle Photography

Meet Sarah Peterson. She used to live over here on the central coast of Cali, but decided to move away to Los Angeles because she thinks she’s a cool kid. Sarah is amazing because you give her an idea and she runs with it! When we talked about doing a photoshoot, at her next visit, it was going to more on the funky/unique side. (see super nova here)
But a bridal inspired shoot was thrown into the cloud of ideas, and before I knew it I was emailing vendors, setting up timelines and chasing after the sun. (thank you daylight savings)

As a photographer, creativity can flow or even gush out of you and then come to a halt. When the creative juices run dry it feels as though life is mundane and you
are just going through the motions.
In all honesty I feel really proud of this shoot. It takes the cake for me this year and I really hope you enjoy looking through this collection. The vendors who took part in this are some of my favorites. Please take a moment to check out their work as they are extremely talented folks.

Model: Sarah Peterson
Florist: Eden Floral Slo
Hair and Makeup: Ruby Villalobos
Dress: Something Bridal Slo
Venue: Allegretto Vineyard
Jewelry: Black Water